I have to say when I first started teaching on Zoom, I was skeptical. 

In order for everyone to follow along I had to step back and do the combinations from far enough away that the camera could catch my full body. That meant I couldn’t see my students up close and correct them, which is what I’m here for right!? It felt like a catch 22. 

But it actually didn’t take long to get in the swing of things and start to see ways that virtual classes might even be beneficial. 

I found myself reflecting on the positive aspects of remote teaching. 

For starters, most everyone was using a chair as their barre. Maybe some had real barres, but nothing sturdy enough to hang all their weight on. So I realized, I can accomplish something here! …Get my students to use their centers! I saw everyone taking a lighter touch on their at-home barres, finding strength in their own body.

I also usually do some quick floor exercises one day a week in my ballet classes and let me tell you, they are not usually excited. In quarantine I got requested to do the exercises every time that I taught! I don’t know if it was because they were avoiding plies and tendues, but all I know is I got these kids to enjoy working on their placement.

And I really started to see what looked like stronger centers by the time we came to the end of the school year. Even though I was not able to be up close and personal, from a distance I started to see bodies being held in a more proper posture. I saw an improvement in how they held their arms too. It all connected and I think the kids feel it too.

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One more thought was that I think the students have become more versatile in the ways they can learn choreography. Being able to learn from a video is a tool that is very important when being a performer. A lot of the times when I would learn a piece as a professional dancer there would be archival footage that I would have to learn from. It’s not always having someone show you the steps in front of a mirror. So I am hopeful this whole Zoom experience is shaping brains in new ways.

To wrap this up, I thought the focus was much better without any distractions from their friends as well… wink wink! But to be totally honest I’m looking forward to the days where I have to tell everyone to quiet down in class.

I really can’t wait to see everyone again in person, but you have to admit it is pretty amazing we can still work hard together while being far apart.

Treat everything as a learning experience, as we are forever evolving!

Stay safe, stay positive, and I hope to see everyone soon!


Ms. Danielle




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