Dance Cavise continues to make every effort to meet or exceed all requirements to keep the Dance Cavise environment as safe as possible. Here are some of the everyday steps we will continue to take. Changes to school, travel and other general COVID policy will be updated as needed.

All Dance Cavise administrators and teaching staff has been required to be fully vaccinated.

All Dance Cavise students must have a completed and signed COVID-19 waiver on file prior to taking their first class. 

All Dance Cavise classes will be offered with a hybrid format.  Students can take class via ZOOM when not able to attend in person.  Each studio is equipped with upgraded technology to live stream classes in real time for those choosing this virtual learning option. As a result, we can also quickly move all classes to our virtual platform as needed. 

All cleaning and disinfecting practices will remain in place.

All filters and air purifiers will be maintained regularly

Class size will continue to be limited and the studios will remain marked to assure social distancing.

Everyone will be required to properly wear a mask when in the Dance Cavise facility.


In the event that a student, or family member, tests positive for COVID-19 or has been exposed to someone with COVID-19, you must refrain for taking class for a minimum of 10 days or until two negative COVID-19 results are found. You do have a virtual option to attend classes in this event. In addition, you must alert Dance Cavise for the protection of staff and students. Your name will be kept confidential.

Students are required to wear a mask at all times and use hand sanitizer when they enter the facility. 

Students will sign in at the front desk, and go directly to their assigned studio with all their belongings, and settle on the box marked on the floor.

All social gathering areas such as the dressing room and homework room, as well as the downstairs bathrooms, will continue to be closed until further notice. There are two bathrooms on the main level which are accessible.

Students with wait time between classes must sit in designated areas, including outdoor patios,  and adhere to social distancing wearing their mask.

Water fountains will stay disabled until further notice. Students may bring water bottles, if needed, and should be properly labeled.

The boutique will be open during business hours.  We recommend, whenever possible, that you make purchases before the season begins. 

We will continue to request that parents, caregivers, and siblings refrain from entering and waiting in the facility unless absolutely necessary.

Thank you for respecting these Dance Cavise safety measures.




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