Fall/Spring 24/25 Registration 

1 – Creating an Account 

If you are a NEW student, you will need to scroll to bottom and click on “Create an Account”.  You will be sent an email, (Please check your Spam folder), to set up your password.

If you are a CURRENT student, you should automatically be taken to the Registration page but, if not,  click on “Log into Your Account” below.    Once you are registered, and logged in,  you can choose the class/es you wish to take from the schedule below by checking the box under each class.  

2 – Provide Student Information

After selecting your classes, scroll to the bottom of the page to enter student information and submit your class selections to Dance Cavise for approval.  (This does not confirm your enrollment.) Please note, students at the C level have mandatory multiple class requirements. These classes are marked with a   **    and you should call the studio for assistance.

3 – Complete Waiver Forms

All students must have a completed  Fall Dance Waiver and a competed COVID-19 Waiver.   You should electronically complete, sign and return by clicking the links here or buttons below. 

4 – Invoice and Confirmation

Once Dance Cavise has approved your classes, you will be invoiced.  Once payment is received, you will be notified via email of your confirmation of enrollment.  At that time, your registration will be complete.   Additional payments, if applicable,  will be automatically charged to your account by November 1st of each year.  You will be notified prior to this and will receive an email confirmation after payment is processed.  Any payment that is more than two weeks past due, when applicable,  will be charge an additional 5% surcharge. 

Your enrollment is not complete, and your child will not have a space in class, until payment is received.

Refund Policy

A non-refundable administrative registration fee of $75.00 is required annually of all students in the children’s program. (Additional performance and costume rental fees will be applied at time of registration) The children’s program is based on the school calendar year. Payments reflect the year’s tuition and are not based on the number of lessons or weeks. 

Refunds are only applicable one week from your start date. After that time, no refunds will be given. Note: $125.00 of your tuition deposit is also non-refundable. No exceptions will be extended to our refund policy.


Management reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any class without notice.   Faculty reserves the right to place, or transfer, students according to technical ability.  Instructor may also be changed based on availability.  No refunds will be issued after the second class for any reasons.  No exceptions.

                               PRICE LIST – Fall / Spring 23-24 Academic Year
Creative Movement / Kindergarten    
$1150/ Full year $750/ half year   Registration Fee
Kinder/ I HR class $950/half year   $75 annual per student
All Classes     Costume Fee:
1 per/week $ 1,550.00   $25.00 rental per class costume
2 per/week $ 2,850.00    
3 per/week $ 4,000.00   Performance Fee:
4 per/week $ 5,000.00   Theatre – $100 per student
5 per/week $ 5,900.00    
6 per/week $ 6,700.00    
7 per/week $ 7,350.00   NON-REFUNDABLE $200:
8 per/week $ 7,950.00   $75 administrative fee 
9 per/week $ 8,450.00   $125 tuition deposit
10 per/week $ 8,850.00    
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